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Fashionable Must-have’s for 2007 December 19, 2006

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OK..well…it’s time to focus on what we all must have in 2007. Back in the pre-blog – GASP – days….a dear friend of kitty time’s theme was “Lipstick is a must-do in 2002”

What kitty time really loved was that is was a true year-long commitment to one thing, for herself. In 2002, it was about her lips.
And afterall, what is kitty time, if it isn’t time to make it about you? Or who am I kidding, MOI?

So, what can I make all about-moi in 2007?

I’m making it the year of paper. We all love paper. Who doesn’t appreciate a fabulous notecard, a clever shower invitation or a drop-dead gorgeous return address label?

Sure, maybe only people with kids and dogs send out christmas cards, with the obligatory photo on front (guilty) but if you are a successful gal who has really made it, you must have something fabulous with your name printed on it.

And so, go forth, darlings, into the new year, and purchase yourself something fabulous with your name on it. Pick a design that reflects the real you and bring back the importance of paper. And for any new mom’s out there, don’t underestimate just how many thank you notes you’ll be writing not just for the baby shower gifts, but also for all the gifts you’ll get once baby is born. Plan ahead!

To get you started, here are some recommended sites, these are either kitty time’s favs or favs of some dear friends of kitty time (therefore each one is fabulous, like moi)

For the gal looking for baby announcements or shower invitations:

For fabulous baby announcements, invitations or holiday cards:

For funky and fabulous return address labels or stationary:

For reasonably priced personalized stationary…with the added perk of supporting a small female owned local business:

For the gal who can’t stop with just her name on something….and must have an image of herself on there too (kitty time is in full support of this, by the way):

Paper it up, dear readers..and if you come upon another fabulous site, be sure to inform MOI…..share the wealth.


Strollers & Obstinate Preggos

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Kitty time was just inspired for a second blog entry today after a lovely afternoon coffee break with some dear friends. What a treat for you! It’s your Christmas present from Kitty Time. Two of me in one day!

Pregnant woman are fascinating, fun and beautiful. We love them. Many of us were them and plan to be pregnant again. But you can only be preggo for the first time once. Aren’t I so smart?

Anyhoo…..there are so many wonderful things about being pregnant for the first time and really, the best part – is how blissfully clueless you really are.

This is nothing to be ashamed of. How can you be any other way? IF you actually knew what you were walking into, you probably wouldn’t ever have sex, let alone do it without protection.

And so, the joys of the first pregnancy. All the attention, all the gifts, all the excitement over what the baby will look like and how much you will love the baby and how fabulous life is. Ahh….bliss.

I think the most classic symptom of first time preggos is this – not actually believing that it is what others say it will be..and clinging onto this need to have space in their house and hold onto their old lives. Indeed.

Old lives.

Actually keeping those two things is like believing your baby won’t have stinky drool, won’t cry for hours on end, or make you wonder what you got yourself into on some really cranky dark mornings at 3am.

But such is life. Obstinate preggos – enjoy your naive bliss! Here in kitty time, we will only love you for thinking you can keep the space in your house or actually get out to a movie with a newborn, because kitty time was no different when pregnant. Just be sure to come visit kitty time again once you have that sweet babe of yours….


What’s Mom Good For?

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Kitty time’s little daughter changes a warp speed. My husband and I are always amazed at how quickly she grows and develops. What happened to the sweet little newborn that fit from my elbow to my hand? It’s fun and exciting to watch and experience.

But sometimes, it’s a little bizarre.

Case in point – while my 13 month old has yet to show any noteworthy signs of separation anxiety, much to my relief thus far, when she is tired or not feeling well, she does tend to want moi.

And really, who can blame her?
She knows that I love her and will do anything in the world for her. But wait, there’s more.
She knows her mommy loves fashion, has an eye for accessories, generally smells better than daddy, and well, is pretty….so why not prefer moi?


Mais oui!

And so..on the occasion that she passes over her dad for moi, I am beaming with pride. I must be doing something right, right? She obviously can still be attached to me even though I’m working full-time? All is well in the world.

Well, dear readers, be careful what you wish for. This seems to be a theme of kitty time.

On Sunday after her morning bottle, which she has graciously shifted to a bit later in the morning as she learns to love to sleep in (read, arise at 7am instead of 5:30am), she was playing.

My husband and I were just relaxing, easing into the morning, when suddenly Kitty Time’s dear daughter made her way past her daddy, to moi. Clearly she had a reason. She was a woman on a mission and the end-game was moi.

Ahh..victory again…..the preferred parent, I thought, as my heart swelled as much as possible before having some coffee.

And so, the sweet gal made her way up to my lap, here she was, wanting me…and….then……she puked.

Mais oui!

All over moi.
and her.

Nothing like starting the day off with a real scent of baby. Forget that crap they make you believe on TV about sweet smells and baby powder. This is the real deal.

And so, dear readers, the reason for her trip to moi was clear. She didn’t feel well and she wanted her mommy.

Though it might not always smell that great, it still feels good.


Ghost of Christmas Future December 18, 2006

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One of kitty time’s favorite jokes is to pretend that she has the powers of the ghost of christmas future. A dear friend of kitty time assisted in inventing this game and lots of fun ensued.

So today, kitty time is playing the ghost of christmas future. It seems that what we all want for Christmas is the same. Not diamonds or pearls or cashmere.

We all want a FTW. Kitty time was pleasantly suprised to hear from dear readers who don’t have kids – these dear readers had the most enthusiasm for seeking a FTW. Kitty time’s first question is to the full-time working moms out there..what say you?

As for the rest of us- apparently we are all seeking a FTW in 2007. But it occured to kitty time – while we don’t care what the FTW looks like or how she dresses, for the most part, we want the FTW to be able to do exactly what we do and exactly how we would do it. One caveat occured to moi – this FTW must not do what we do BETTER than we do it!

Now – if you are a dear reader of kitty time, surely you do not think it possible for there to be a FTW out there who could achieve your chores as perfectly, fulfill your shopping duties as cleverly and thoughtfully or finish writing your christmas cards with as much wit and humor as you do. Mais non! Ce n’est pas possible! Quelle horreur! Imagine a FTW who was better than you.

So – the first thing the ghost of christmas future sees for 2007 is that we find a FTW by cloning ourselves!

Think of it as your weekend self – but available at your disposal during the week to just magically get everything done.

What other things would dear kitty time readers like to see for 2007, as the ghost of christmas future?

Don’t bore me with things like magical weight loss pills or a perfect wardrobe and trained husbands who get things done without you asking first…..give me some original ideas of things you want for 2007.

Meanwhile, I’m anxiously awaiting my cloned self all wrapped up under the christmas tree this year, I will get her working hard in time to ring in the new year.


An Endangered Resource December 14, 2006

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Indeed. This entry is about an endangered resource. No, not furry cute animals frolicking in the snow or melting ice caps.


You are reading kitty time…..the subject is about, who else, but MOI?

Or rather…….the human parent.
The endangered resource is energy. Physical and Emotional energy.

With parenthood, kitty time discovered pools of energy and efficiency skills she never knew existed. Finding them required tapping into a deep well that quickly started drying up and refueling it requires effort and time.

Where did this alter ego of kitty time come from? What happened to the days of lolly-gagging around stores. Endlessly pursuing the lastest fashion must-have in the malls and boutiques around town. Obsessing over the next ‘it’ item in shoe ware. Mocking fashion faux-pas among the celebrity elite or poorly dressed unsuspecting individuals on the streets?

Ahh..the days of kitty old….

But not so fast…new kitty time….she is a different kind of animal. Sure..she still cares about these things….but the pool of energy and time from which to care about them and spend on them is different (read: thank god for internet shopping and slow work days)……

But back to the endangered resource. Energy. Kitty time’s delightful daughter demands the majority of my energy….which means much less is left over for other causes.

My point – learning how to weed out energy wastes of time is something I have gotten better at.

Sure…kitty time still LOVES to get fired up over a good cause….what’s kitty time without claws….but choosing which one to really react to is something that is more necessary now.

And so, kitty time’s wise advice to you, my dear readers, is this – whether you are a parent or not – we are all busy. And we’d preserve a lot more emotional and physical energy if we just saved it for when it’s really worthwhile. Sure, I urge you all to mock the Administration, get fired up over the latest dumb thing the President said, but particularly with the holidays around the corner and lots of quality family time looming…..take a few deep breathes……lick your paws for a few minutes and decide if it’s really worth it for those claws to come out.


Holiday Spirit

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Indeed….I have waited a bit too long to post about holiday fashion, parties, decor, etc etc. My friend Sara’s blog inspired me to cover this topic today.

Dear readers….you can choose many paths in this holiday season.
You can just let yourself go and behave like one of the Hollywood tramps we see each night on TV.
You can “forget” to wear your underware.
You can wear a sheer top and “forget” to wear a bra.
You can pull a JLo and pretend that you are going to become a Scientologist so you can get invited to the next TomKat affair.
Hell, you can even drive the wrong way down the interstate after a long night of partying.

But, see, dear lemmings, none of these things get you anywhere good. Unless, of course, you consider all press, good press.

Of course, if you are reading Kitty Time, you probably aren’t being followed by the paparatzi..but far be it from me to insult my readers, perhaps you are…..

That aside, I have a few overall comments on holiday parties.

First, you should accompany your spouse or significant other to their office holiday party and you should attempt to charm their boss. Do not embarass them. Do not hit on their boss. Just be charming and lovely, as all kitty time readers are.
You should also go to your own office party and refrain from drinking too much – you might regret what you say later….afterall, if you are a reader of kitty time, you have some moxie.

Now..what should you wear? Always a dilemma for most self-respecting kitty time readers.

I have been very disappointed in holiday party fashion this year. Where is the sequins? Where is the dark green? Why is everything silk and black? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking for a holiday sweater. But what does a gal have to do to find a fabulous green dress? Our options are weak, at best, this year.

If you are digging oldies but goodies out of your closet – just remember – when in doubt, do not wear it. If you have a “hunch” it’s a bit more snug than last year, blame the dry cleaner and step away. Do not proceed!

And so..go off, dear readers…into the night and dazzle bosses, wear something classy, keep your underware on, your bra clasped, don’t drink too much if you are driving, wear something festive and enjoy kitty time’s favorite time of year!



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Has Kitty-time become a classified, you might be wondering?

Mais non.

Kitty-time just says what’s on her mind…and probably on the minds of most others they just don’t have the nerve to say it.

HMW = Happily Married Wife

FTW = Full-time Wife

You got it. I’m looking for a wife. And not a slacker wife. Or a complainer. A go-getter. I don’t care what you look like, I just want you to be able to anticipate my needs, run all the errands, get all the dry cleaning picked up, finish the laundry, figure out what we’re having for dinner, make sure it’s defrosted, keep tabs on baby food, make sure we have enough whole milk, get the stamps for christmas cards, keep running list of contractors for house, negotiate with them when necessary, be home when needed for arrival of contractors, etc etc. And most importantly – do these things exactly as I would do them – or better – and never drop the ball on anything. Ever. Never fail me. Let me not have to worry about these things. Just get them done. Quietly. And without ever telling me about it.

How does that sound? Like a job you want?

Some of you might be thinking I am hideous and throwing us back 50 years in time.

But really – have you thought it through?
Doesn’t it sound divine?

I am seeking a wife so that I can have more time with my family. So that I can spend the precious little free time I have, with them. Not running around like a fool on the weekends when the baby is napping. Not because I want to become the next female Fortune 500 CEO and am trying to “do it all.”

Hell no.

Just to free up some time, relieve me of some stress, and well – so that I don’t have to do these things.

I’ve concluded that all mom’s need a wife.

A friend suggested we need a life assistant.


Call it what you want.

I am looking for a wife….and will pay her with my gratitude.